Who to follow at Strata 2011

Strata is an O’Reilly-run conference for people who analyze and visualize Big Data; if you are reading this, you probably already know that.

 I was curious as to who I should follow on Twitter here, and recalled that the Attendee Directory asked people to fill in their Twitter usernames. What better way to find people who are actually here? (Obviously you can search #strataconf or look at the users @strataconf follows, but that won’t tell you who is popular, fast).

So I pulled together a python script to scrape the Attendee Directory for users that listed Twitter accounts, look those accounts up on Twitter to see how many followers they have, and get some related information. I wrapped up by linking each Twitter user back to the Attendee Directory, so you can view their profile, etc.

I also created a Twitter list with all the attendees listed below: StrataConf2011-3.

If you liked this, follow me on Twitter (@jsundram). And feel free to say hi — here’s my Attendee Directory entry.

Here it is: Twitter users at Strata 2011, ordered by number of followers

Update: The raw data is available here as JSON dictionary. The keys are Twitter user names, the values are lists: (num followers, profile image, home page, full name, location, description, Strata Attendee ID). Let me know if you do something cool with it!

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